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Presentation of the Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors

On 6 December 2023, the Member of the European Court of Auditors (ECA) mag. Jorg Kristijan Petrovič presented the Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors to the representatives of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia. The Annual Report includes two parts – report on the implementation of the EU budget for 2022 and report on activities funded by the European Development Funds.

Na levi predsednica računskega sodišča, Jana Ahčin, ki sprejema letno poročilo iz rok člana evropskega računskega sodišča, magistra Jorga Kristijana Petroviča. V ozadju slovenska in evropska zastava.

The ECA disclosed as in previous years that the financial statements of the EU for the 2022 financial year give a true and fair view, and thus issued unqualified opinion. However, spending from the EU budget was affected by a significant increase in the level of error to 4.2% (3.0% in 2021). Due to the estimated level of error, the ECA issued adverse opinion. Under the Recovery and Resilience Facility the ECA issued qualified opinion for 2022, separately. The auditors found that 6 of the 13 RRF grant payments to the member states were affected by a material error.

The meeting at the Court of Audit focused on future cooperation between the institutions and the discussion about Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Na sredini predsednica računskega sodišča Jana Ahčin in član evrospkega računskega sodišča magister Jorg Kristijan Petrovič, levo in desno od njiju ostali udeleženci srečanja. V ozadju fototapeta računskega sodišča.

At the end of these discussions, mag. Jorg Kristijan Petrovič and the President of the Court of Audit Jana Ahčin exchanged topical views and ideas for the future audits. 

The ECA Annual Report for the financial year 2022 is available at: