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The content of the website of the Court of Audit is designed with the purpose to provide universal access to all of the published information – to anyone, at all times, and free of charge. Since the principle of universal access is limited by the health conditions of the users (i.e. visual, motion, hearing, cognitive and linguistic limitations) and technical limitations, we paid special attention to them and tried to adjust the website by considering the following recommendations:

  • font size may be adjusted,
  • key images are equipped with descriptions,
  • there are no moving pictures (GIFs),
  • names of the links are descriptive,
  • videos are mostly subtitled.

The website is optimised for multi-device browsing (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and compatible with different website browsers and software. Recommended is the use of the latest version of website browsers whenever it is possible to provide a better support to the users with disabilities and special needs.Despite the fact that we are aiming to increase the accessibility and usability of our website to the greatest extent possible, all the elements do not provide for the optimisation of the complete accessibility.

Therefore, some published contents do not meet all the demands related to accessibility as defined by the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act. Those deficiencies are:

  • we use PDF format for documents:
    • audit reports and other reports with short summaries that are available in text (doc and docx documents) and
    • various presentations (i.e. infographics, posters, manuals);
  • home page provides three elements with scroll box for automatic rotation with limited use of the manual override;
  • photographs and other images are used for visual supplementing of contents related to news and articles; photographs and images are subtitled, include data about source and alternative text, but do not include detailed descriptions or transcriptions of texts, since the adjustment would cause disproportionate burden;
  • schematic presentation of organisational structure of the Court of Audit;
  • documentation of concluded public calls was not adapted, since interference with public procurement documentation of completed public calls is not allowed; when preparing the next public call, we shall follow the standards of accessibility.

Letter of access

Legal info and Privacy

Legal Notice and Privacy Statement

Our legal notice is summarised for all those under time pressure:       

  • everything published on our website is available to you,
  • you can use the website at your own risk,
  • we respect your privacy and we will not abuse it.

You can find out more detailed information about those principles below.   

1. Web Cookies

Web cookies (hereinafter referred to as cookies) are small data files sent to the user’s browser when the user visits website, the data files are stored on user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone) used to access website.

Below the listing of cookies presents cookies, data managers and is an explanation which data is obtained, what is the purpose of data processing and cookies’ expiry date.

ProviderCoockie namePurposeExpiry
Ministry of Public AdministrationTS(...)Web server hosting website of the Court of Audit (i.e. server of the Ministry of Public Administration) which for providing its full functionality offers a session cookie (to users) which name starts by TS and continues by arbitrary hexadecimal value [0-f], i.e. ‘TS015ff37’ necessary to ensure appropriate service level.Session
Google Analytics cookieControlPrefs  Cookie remembers settings chosen by users for tracking1 Year
Google Analytics_ga; _gat; _gidEstimates website traffic and activities of visitors (information on first visit, page views, browsing time, entry and exit point). More about cookies, their type and purpose of the data use can be found here.  _ga 24 months; _gat 1 minute; _gid 24 hours

By accepting cookies the user agrees with the use of cookies - saving and accessing to cookies (i.e. data obtained by cookies) that are stored on user’s device.

You can decide whether and which cookies can providers drop to your devices by using your browser settings to block or delete cookies.  

Google Analytics

This website uses only cookies that are used to gather information on the user preferences. Those cookies via IP address enable analyses of frequency and identification of content of browsing and some behavioural patterns (i.e. user’s paths and visiting period). The data are stored up to 24 months form the date of occurrence enabling us comparisons of visits between years, effectiveness and users experience.     

The provider the Court of Audit on the website enables selected third parties (Google Analytics) to install their cookies on our users’ devices (a third-party cookie). The user by accepting our cookies also agrees to cookies of the third party (Google Analytics). 

2.  Use of Published Information

The Court of Audit operates in line with the principles of openness and transparency. Therefore, we provide wide range of information referred to our field of work which is publicly available equally to natural or legal persons. By doing so, the Court of Audit implements the right of access to public information.

We are trying to inform the public on activities of the Court of Audit promptly and efficiently. The published information is public information. The information is available without limitations and may be reproduced for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Public information is all information originating from the field of work of the public sector bodies and occurring in the form of a document, a case, a dossier, a register, a record or other documentary material drawn up by the body, by the body in cooperation with other body, or acquired from other persons. Natural and legal persons can use this public information also for commercial or non-commercial reuse, except for the primary purpose of the public service for which the documents were originally created. Public information is in line with the Access to Public Information Act available without limitations to natural and legal persons.

3.  Limited Responsibility

The entire risk as to the use of the published contents is with the users. The Court of Audit does not assume civil or penal responsibility for the use of the information from this website.

We would like to explicitly state that the information on the website of the Court of Audit:

  • is not necessarily the exact reproduction of the official documents, the only credible information is that published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia or in the original documents,
  • is not necessarily complete, accurate or up-to-date,
  • can contain links to other, external websites which are not under the control of the Court of Audit therefore we cannot undertake any responsibility for them,
  • is not professional or legal advice.

The Court of Audit and any other legal or natural person who cooperated in creating and preparing this website will not be liable for losses or damages arising out of the access to, use of or inability to use the information on this web site or any errors or omissions in its contents.

Regardless the causes, the Court of Audit has all rights reserved to change, add or remove the website (entirely or partially) without prior notice and it is not held responsible for any consequences of such changes.

This statement dose not limit the responsibility of the Court of Audit when operating contrary to the valid legislation and it does not exclude responsibility for the acts for which limiting responsibility is not provided for in the law.

4. Privacy Statement

The Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia processes personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The Court of Audit systematically collects and processes the following data on the users of the website:

  • e-mail address of users who unambiguously expressed their wish to be informed about news and updates on website (news, audits or both).

It is hereby declared that:

  • the data shall be used only for the purpose of informing about updates on the website of the Court of Audit (news, audits or both);  
  • the data shall be stored until the users withdraw their consent;  
  • users can withdraw their consent anytime via e-mail address;
  • personal data about e-mail address are processed only by the Court of Audit of the republic of Slovenia, Slovenska cesta 50, Ljubljana, and can be accessed only by employees of the Court of Audit when necessary to implement their tasks;   
  • Data Protection Officer at the Court of Audit is mag. Peter Zmagaj, Advisor to the President, (phone: +386 1 478 5125);    
  • an individual has the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory body, i.e. Information Commissioner, Zaloška 59, Ljubljana.

The content of this page was last modified on 30 November 2018.