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Can I receive the Court of Audit news updates to my e-mail address?

Yes. By subscribing to our news, you will receive updates on the events and activities of the Court of Audit. The use of the service is simple and free of charge. You can subscribe to updates on the latest activities and events of the Court of Audit.

More about ways of receiving news updates is available under the section Subscribe to news updates.

Audit initiatives (also anonymous) are an important source of information for exercising auditing powers and responsibilities. The subpage Audit initiative provides you with a description of elements that are welcome when proposing your initiative to the Court of Audit, as well as with ways of submitting an initiative (by online form, regular mail, fax or e-mail). Anonymous initiatives can be submitted by filling-in an online form or by regular mail.

See the section Glossary. The glossary offers definitions and explanations of more than 150 different terms referring to the audit process.

The List of auditees includes only those authorities or bodies (and also individuals) who were audited in one or more audits already completed or still being carried out. The list does thus not encompass all potential auditees the Court of Audit may audit in line with the Court of Audit Act. It may be that some of the listed entities no longer exist or their name or field of work have changed etc.

The two articles referred to the Court of Audit from the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, Court of Audit Act, Rules of the Procedure of the Court of Audit and other acts that define the work and responsibilities of the Court of Audit are available under the section Legal bases.

Audit process is laid down by the Court of Audit Act, the Rules of the Procedure of the Court of Audit and other acts. In order to be able to present our audit work in a clear and transparent way, there is an outline description together with a visual presentation of the key stages of the audit process available on the subpage Stages of the audit process

If you have any questions referred to auditing, you can send them to our e-mail address, questions referred to technicalities please send to e-mail address