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Efficiency in preventing light pollution

Last change:
8. 12. 2017

Audit data


Audit goal:

Efficiency of the audited ministry in the area of preventing light pollution

Audited period:
1 January 2007 until 30 June 2017

Decision no.: 320-4/2017/3
Date: 6. 2. 2017





Efficiency in preventing light pollution of the environment

In December 2017, the SAI Slovenia published the audit report on efficiency of Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in preventing light pollution. The audit report "shed a light" on this often overlooked part of pollution caused by human activities.

The audit revealed the following:

  • Slovenia is one of few countries which legally regulated the field of light pollution already in 2007. Objectives, 3 times less sky glow and 20% reduction in energy consumption were set to be achieved by 2016;
  • However, restrictions pertaining to electric power do no longer ensure pollution reduction due to development of more energy efficient illuminants;
  • The regulation does not define admissible light spectrum or colour temperature. Colour of the illumination however strongly relates to impact on nature, humans and the way how light disperse in space;
  • The Ministry does not monitor the situation in the field of light pollution regularly and comprehensively. However, the Inspectorate exercises regular control but not enough for comprehensive monitoring of the situation;
  • SAI Slovenia has recommended that Ministry should better identify the situation and to redefine the applicability of current legislation and to adopt necessary changes.

Ministry has fully accepted the criticism and committed to implement recommendations.