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The content of the website of the Court of Audit is designed with the purpose to provide universal access to all of the published information – to anyone, at all times, and free of charge. Since the principle of universal access is limited by the health conditions of the users (i.e. visual, motion, hearing, cognitive and linguistic limitations) and technical limitations, we paid special attention to them and tried to adjust the website by considering the following recommendations:

  • font size may be adjusted,
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  • videos are mostly subtitled.

The website is optimised for multi-device browsing (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and compatible with different website browsers and software. Recommended is the use of the latest version of website browsers whenever it is possible to provide a better support to the users with disabilities and special needs. We aim to improve accessibility and usability of our website, though some elements could not be optimised to ensure full access:

  • documents relating to audits (reports) are published in the PDF format and are added short summaries in easy accessible text formats (doc and docx files),
  • entry page includes three elements with an auto-rotating slider, which has a limited possibility of a manual turn-off.


The Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia with its presentation at the Task Force on Municipality Audit EUROSAI TFMA

At the annual Seminar on Municipality Audit and 3rd Annual meeting of the EUROSAI TFMA Members with the title “Functions Performed by Municipalities“ held in Lisbon (Portugal) on 10th and 11th October 2019 experience of European SAIs related to the powers of municipalities were presented. Seminar was attended by the Second Deputy President mag. Mojca Planinšek and the Supreme State Auditor mag. Aleksej Šinigoj. Slovenian SAI focused in its presentation on municipal powers with respect to balance between diversity and unity when undertaking tasks. Some municipal functions cannot be uniformly defined since they are laid down in many sectoral laws. This, causing difficulties to the local authorities, citizens as well as to the ministries and supervisory bodies, while the Court of Audit must express its point of view thereto in the audit reports.

Presentation of the Court of Audit at the EUROSAI TFMA seminar