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The content of the website of the Court of Audit is designed with the purpose to provide universal access to all of the published information – to anyone, at all times, and free of charge. Since the principle of universal access is limited by the health conditions of the users (i.e. visual, motion, hearing, cognitive and linguistic limitations) and technical limitations, we paid special attention to them and tried to adjust the website by considering the following recommendations:

  • font size may be adjusted,
  • key images are equipped with descriptions,
  • there are no moving pictures (GIFs),
  • names of the links are descriptive,
  • videos are mostly subtitled.

The website is optimised for multi-device browsing (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and compatible with different website browsers and software. Recommended is the use of the latest version of website browsers whenever it is possible to provide a better support to the users with disabilities and special needs. We aim to improve accessibility and usability of our website, though some elements could not be optimised to ensure full access:

  • documents relating to audits (reports) are published in the PDF format and are added short summaries in easy accessible text formats (doc and docx files),
  • entry page includes three elements with an auto-rotating slider, which has a limited possibility of a manual turn-off.

Contact person for public relations

Helena Lovše

Head of Translation, Proofreading and Public Relations Department

t: +386 1 478 5120
f: +38614785891
m: +386 51 328 691


About Translation, Proofreading and Public Relations Department







Public nature of work

Public nature of work of the Court of Audit is secured by:

  • a work report each year submitted to the National Assembly;
  • issuing audit and post-audit reports, as well as presenting specific stages of audit procedures; 
  • publishing important opinions on issues within the Court’s powers;
  • providing timely and accurate information and notices pertaining to the Court’s fields of work; 
  • organizing press conferences and issuing press releases; 
  • announcing events and activities (at national and international level); 
  • publishing various contents on websites, social media and in different publications. 

How can citizens participate in our work?

When defining the Annual programme of work, the Court of Audit considers also the initiatives received from natural persons as well as anonymous initiatives. 

More about initiatives for audit >

Information, explanations and other data are provided by the President of the Court of Audit, both Deputy Presidents and Supreme State Auditors or, with special authorisation from the President, also by other employees of the Court of Audit.

The Court of Audit ensures the public nature of its work in accordance with the Court of Audit Act, the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Audit, the Media Act and the Public Information Access Act.

Media information

We will be happy to provide you with answers to your questions referring to the fields of work of the Court of Audit.

With various forms of activities, such as promptly responding to written and oral questions of journalists, preparation of the latest news with the announcements of most recent events, overview of the phases of audits in progress, archive of published audit reports, publishing important documents, other projects and answers to frequently asked questions, we want to create the best possible working conditions for the journalists and editors observing the work of the Court of Audit.

The field of public relations also covers the following tasks:

  • organizing press conferences,
  • preparing materials for the media and issuing press releases,
  • planning and preparing various events and project to enable the public to be well informed,
  • preparing and issuing bulletins, brochures, leaflets and other publications, 
  • implementing professional and organisational activities of general promotion, 
  • maintaining websites.

To better understand organisation and work of the Court of Audit, see the section fields of work with descriptions of powers and responsibilities of audit departments and the brochure. 

Photo gallery presents portraits of the President, both Deputy Presidents and Supreme State Auditors. Among highlights from the Court of Audit are also several images of the interior and exterior of the building. Photos are of high quality and thus suitable for printing reproduction.


Brochure and logo

Brochure of the Court of Audit

If you would like to receive a printed copy, please do not hesitate to contact us. The brochure(s) will be sent to the address you will quote.