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Beehive on the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia roof top

The Court of Audit celebrates the World Bee Day – yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day. Celebration is not enough — their existence should not be taken for granted.

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The Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia by implementing audits and other tasks also in the international context draws attention to the global challenges and thereto related trends in terms of use of public funds in future. It is necessary to bear in mind that negative consequences of changing environment shall bring with them the burden of increasing need for public funds demanded by preventive action.

Audits of environmental issues, biodiversity, education, health, food safety and other topics put a strong focus on the implementation of the sustainable development goals and strive for their improvement in the State.

The Court of Audit is practicing urban beekeeping, by placing beehives on the rooftop of its building the Court supports and promotes the awareness of the necessity of preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, providing for food safety and addressing climate change. When celebrating the World Bee Day we are looking forward to honey harvesting. Our honey shall be used for protocol gifts.

We invite you to watch our video about placing beehives on our rooftop and about our efforts.