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In accordance with the Slovenian Constitution the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia is the highest body for supervising state accounts, the state budget and all public spending in Slovenia. The Constitution further provides that the Court of Audit is independent in the performance of its duties and bound by the Constitution and law. The Court of Audit Act also defines that the acts with which Court of Audit exercises its powers of audit cannot be challenged before the courts or other state bodies. read more

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Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia
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Watching over Public Money


5. 1. 2016
BLUE - no.2
BLUE, a publication of the Court of Audit in English, is a compilation of thoughts, findings, audit summaries and reflections on the issues the Court has focused on most recently. BLUE, as colour blue, which is the colour of the Court and blue as 'wise', which is the other meaning of the word in Slovene. ...