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International Activities

The Court of Audit develops and maintains multilateral and bilateral relationships and co-operation with other supreme audit institutions, international bodies and professional institutions. The aim of its international activities is to strengthen the international position and reputation of the Court and to learn from, and contribute to, developments in public sector auditing in Europe and further afield.

Shortly after its establishment in 1995 the Court of Audit was admitted to the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions, INTOSAI, and the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions, EUROSAI. Since then the Court has regularly attended congresses, conferences, seminars and other types of meetings organised by both organisations.

The Court of Audit is a relatively young institution, but its activities are very specific and demanding and therefore technical training and improving the skills of auditors are of key importance. From the very beginning the auditors have been given opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge by attending training courses organised by well-established and experienced supreme audit institutions.

The Court of Audit also co-operates with countries that are at the beginning of the European Communities accession process. The Court of Audit provides them technical and professional assistance. Those countries are some of the former Yugoslav republics which are at the outset of the development of the control systems over the use of public funds and of the founding of the supreme audit institutions. The experience of the Court of Audit are vital in their strive after the development of the appropriate legal framework; the development of the appropriate audit institutions: internal and external; the creation of a strategy for informing the citizens and the state on the importance of the efficient control over the use of public funds.

Even though Slovenia's Court of Audit, compared to other audit institutions in Europe and the rest of the world, is among the smallest, it has already succeeded in organising and developing all the basic operational functions in a relatively short period of time. International comparisons of audit work and its results show that the Court’s development of auditing relates directly to the implementation of the standards adopted by the European Union. Moreover, the Court of Audit is already preparing and developing audit skills and further knowledge for future tasks and challenges that will be even more complex and demanding.

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