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Information for Press and Photo

The Court of Audit assures publicity in accordance with the Court of Audit Act, the Media Act and the Access to Public Information Act.

The public nature of the work carried out by the Court of Audit is assured by the issuing of an annual report, which is submitted to the National Assembly. The report is discussed in a committee of the National Assembly whose session is open to journalists and other representatives of the media. Furthermore, audit reports are made generally available on the Court’s Slovenian website, while press conferences are organised on specific issues and particular occasions. Whenever appropriate, statements or information are released to the media, while important opinions concerning audit issues are made available for publication.

Information about audit and follow up can be provided by Members of the Court of Audit or the person in charge of public relations. Experts of the Court of Audit are encouraged to participate in open conferences and seminars dealing with public finance issues.

The website of the Court of Audit also provides information about important visits of foreign representatives and experts, as well as visits by Members of the Court of Audit and its experts abroad. Within the Photo Gallery we provide portraits of the Court of Audit management, variety of building images and memorabilia. Photos are made suitable for quality (re)printing.

Contact person for Public Relations:
Helena Lovše
PR Advisor
Phone: + 386 1 478 5120
Fax: + 386 1 478 5892
Mobile: + 386 1 51 328 691