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The content of the website of the Court of Audit is designed with the purpose to provide universal access to all of the published information:
  • to anyone,
  • at all times,
  • free of charge.

Since the principle of universal access is limited by the health conditions of the users (i.e. visual, motion, hearing, cognitive and linguistic limitations) and technical limitations, we paid special attention to them and tried to adjust the web site in order to make it:

accordant with the standards
  • we used standard HTML 4.01 Transitional,
  • used cascade styles are valid,
  • RSS data feed RSS podatkovni vir računskega sodišča is accordant with standards,
  • the contents are adjusted to those with problems of sight (there are no moving pictures, pictures are equipped with alternative text and so on).

technically adjusted to users with lesser technical capacity
  • only a few pages are larger than 100 KB,
  • pages are adjusted in order to enable the users with the screen resolution of 800x600 pixels,
  • links to attachments are equipped with data on their size and type.