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How can I subscribe to receiving the Court of Audit News Updates?
Subscribe to our News and you will receive updates on the events and activities of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia via e-mail.
The use of the service is simple and free of charge. There is a form at the category News at the bottom of the page where you can fill-in your e-mail address and you will be automatically updated with the latest news and upcoming events.

Where can I find the Court of Audit Reports?
Court of Audit has provided a translation for several of our published reports. They are accessible in the category Audits.
We publish all of our reports in Slovenian language on our website.

Where can I find legal basis for the work of the Court of Audit?
The articles from the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia which are referred to the Court of Audit, Court of Audit Act, Rules of Procedure and other documents that define the work and responsibilities of the Court of Audit are available under the heading Documents.

Where can I send a question?
If you have any questions referred to the content you can send them to our e-mail address:, and technical questions to the e-mail address: